Get the killing feminine look with Eyelash Extensions Calgary

Without uttering a word, eyes speak a thousand words. Eyelashes play a high role in making our eyes look attractive and impressive. Your overall face appeal can be spoiled with misshaped and thin eyelashes. The best way to make your eyelashes look super beautiful is to go for eyelash extensions. One of the best place where you can get the extension of your eyelashes done is Biotouch Alberta.

The thickness, fullness and the length of your natural eyelashes will get enhanced after opting our eyelash extensions Calgary. In order to improvise your look, we also provide eyelash fills by matching them with your current lashes. We have highly trained therapists with us and we provide you numerous choices of colors, lengths, designs, shapes, curls and thickness.

We also tell you about the special care which you can take for gaining the lasting results. With eyelash extensions Calgary, you will get artificial eyelashes which are light weight and organic. You will be very comfortable to wear them. We never compromise with the quality and always use top quality brands .

There are many benefits of eyelash extensions Calgary like:

 Your eyelashes will look longer and thicker while maintaining their natural texture.
 Your eyes will look more open and fuller.
 Everyone’s attention will be drawn towards your eyes.
 People with drooping eyelids will look more fresh with longer eyelashes.

Points to be remembered before and after treatment:

 Your eyelashes should be cleaned before adding artificial eyelashes.
 After the treatment, you should refrain from washing your face up to four hours as it can spoil the adhesive.
 You should stay away from saunas and pools for few days.
 You should avoid using eyelash curlers.
 Always use a water based mascara.
Our eyelash extension Calgary is a totally painless procedure. You must come to us and get a look like a Diva after using our eyelash extensions. This is for sure that you will always have a big smile on your face while leaving us as you will be fully satisfied with our service.