Our Story

Kim Pham, Owner

As the owner of Biotouch Alberta and a three-time winner of the Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Gold Award, Kim is passionate about providing personalized makeup treatment and a​esthetic services to ​men and​ women ​in​ Calgary and surrounding areas.Kim was proudly partnered with Merle Norman Richmond Square for several years. ​

She​ beg​u​​n her career as a cosmetic professional over 30 years ago when she earned her US-trained nail technology certification. ​Kim has​ built a loyal clientele using her talent for nail art and focus on customer service. After developing her skills, she won two consecutive gold medals at the ABA Nail Competition in 1987 and 1988.​ ​Upon realizing that​ ​she needed to give her established clientele a new level of service​, Kim opened Phamtastic Nails & Spa (eventually growing to five different locations throughout the area)​,​ and then started the Nails Academy under Alberta Learning in 2003.

Kim​ quickly​ realized that​ there was a tremendous need for cosmetic treatments and​ she needed ​to create a​ business ​catered to these specific requirements. In 2004, Kim​ opened and​ operated​ ​Biotouch Alberta, bringing more focus to permanent makeup and skin care aesthetics​, ​including an educational training facility. After selling Phamtastic Nail & Spa, Kim opened​ ​Biotouch​ Alberta, which has been a successful hub for men and women seeking beauty and medical cosmetic treatments.