Our Story

Kim Pham, Owner

As the owner of Biotouch Alberta and a three-time winner of the Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Gold Award, Kim is passionate about providing personalized makeup treatment and a​esthetic services to ​men and​ women ​in​ Calgary and surrounding areas.Kim was proudly partnered with Merle Norman Richmond Square for several years. ​

She​ beg​u​​n her career as a cosmetic professional over 30 years ago when she earned her US-trained nail technology certification. ​Kim has​ built a loyal clientele using her talent for nail art and focus on customer service. After developing her skills, she won two consecutive gold medals at the ABA Nail Competition in 1987 and 1988.​ ​Upon realizing that​ ​she needed to give her established clientele a new level of service​, Kim opened Phamtastic Nails & Spa (eventually growing to five different locations throughout the area)​,​ and then started the Nails Academy under Alberta Learning in 2003.

Kim​ quickly​ realized that​ there was a tremendous need for cosmetic treatments and​ she needed ​to create a​ business ​catered to these specific requirements. In 2004, Kim​ opened and​ operated​ ​Biotouch Alberta, bringing more focus to permanent makeup and skin care aesthetics​, ​including an educational training facility. After selling Phamtastic Nail & Spa, Kim opened​ ​Biotouch​ Alberta, which has been a successful hub for men and women seeking beauty and medical cosmetic treatments.

Quynh Siipola, Micro-pigmentation Skin Care Specialist

Quynh brings over 5 years of extensive experience in the industry. She earned a degree in Design, which led her on the path of establishing herself with a career in fashion design. ​While in the fashion world, she proved to be a thriving leader who was able to inspire her peers and mentors. Her attitude towards her work and others allowed her to be ahead of the rest while gaining extensive experience in various aspects of the fashion industry.

With such a prominent passion​ and​ an eye for color​,​​ Quynh chose to embark in the beauty​ and skin care​ industry where she became a specialist in permanent makeup and makeup services. ​She successfully duplicated her business model and work ethic in this business, ​while ​furthering her education in all ​permanent makeup and skin care​ fields by performing all services including skin revision, eyelashes extensions, hair removal and antiaging treatments.​

Sharing her passion with others is ​important to Quynh as she continues to help clients look their absolute best and mentor new students who are looking to be a part of this thriving industry. Quynh is truly someone you can refer to as a professional at what she does; ​her attention to detail and extensive experience matched with catering to her clients’ needs is what allow so many ​people​ to ​remain loyal ​to Biotouch Alberta.

Sheila Rennie, Business Manager

Sheila has worked in the salon and spa ​industry​ for 30 years. ​She started her career by managing​ a busy hair salon in the 80’s​ that allowed her to win over the heart of her clientele through impeccable customer service, attention to detail, and a winning personality that not many possessed​.

Upon walking into Kim’s first business​, Sheila, then a client, met Kim and their ​status rapidly blossomed into​ a business relationship​ and friendship​ that would last for the years to come. ​Not only Sheila​ manag​ed​ Kim’s busy spa and nail boutique​, but​ she shared and followed Kim’s dreams and is now the trusted business manager at Biotouch Alberta.

Sheila possesses much more than a love for the business, impeccable organization, and extensive experience; she wins the heart of the clients with her caring ​and friendly ​personality ​as​ she continues to deliver​ special attention to the clientele of Biotouch Alberta and to Kim and Quynh, who she considers family​.​