Permanent Makeup Simplified

Permanent Make up is the practice of applying pigment to the skin with use of a single needle, designed to emulate make up on the face. Usually lasting from several months to several years, pigments typically used in Permanent Make up, consist of iron oxide or organic colours.

Historically Permanent Make up had many methods of delivery. Some methods would include tapping and scraping of coloured stones or metallic nails resembling needles. As time went on this ancient practice of applying make up (meant to last forever) also meant the different mediums were developed for method of delivery.

Tattoo machines were one of the first introduced to be used on the face. Artists soon found that to match clients’ needs they needed a machine that was less invasive to the skin. Soon the introduction of the Permanent Make up machine, were slim and sleek versions of tattoo machines. Designed to leave softer colour impressions on the skin, the Permanent Make Up machines were able to penetrate to the third layer of the Dermis. Allowing the make up to last anywhere from 3-5 years.

As time and techniques develop the introduction of iron oxide and organic colours. Which now will leave permanent Make up lasting approximately 1-3 yrs.

As the industry changes and a sudden trend for Permanent Make Up for the modern day clientele. To meet with the needs of consumers the Permanent Make Up industry introduced microblading needles. Which are tiny sharp needles laid in a flat position similar to a razor blade. This microblading tool is designed to cut the skin (manually) and fill with pigment, allowing the skin to heal over the cuts leaving an impression of hair-like deposits. With these quick and shallow cuts, the wearer has Permanent Make Up meant to be more temporary -lasting approximately between 3 months to 1 yr.

The industry suddenly grew massive and became flooded with new technicians applying this quick and easy approach of Permanent Make Up. Many of which only know how to apply and have little or no knowledge of the effects of scarring and fading. Health and safety standards waived by some technicians as the sudden influx of instructors with little or no industry experience provide poor training to unsuspecting students wanting to enter this industry.

Some experienced technicians would only choose to use the Permanent make up machine to emulate the hair-like strokes. With proper pen holding and machine angle, the technician is able to deposit pigment with the vibrations of the machine in order to deposit pigment into the third layer of the dermis. Creating minimal scarring and better deposit of pigment leaving the color to last longer (1-3 years).

When choosing a permanent Make Up artist, be sure that the person who’s is applying your Make Up can provide you with answers to not only the after care plan, but the after effects of your make up and what to expect several years down the line. An experienced Permanent Make Up artist is considered to be truly talented when they can apply Permanent Make Up beautifully but also provide you with solutions for long term use, correcting color fading as well as shape changes in the future.

Research your artist and ask many questions. Work that is posted on social media is not always a true testament of their work. A good Permanent Make Up artist will own up to their work years later.

A real artist will capture your natural beauty and explore the avenues of expressing these true values.

Our commitment is to always learn more, forever changing, evolving, upgrading skills, and standards to meet your needs. Our approach is always what’s best suited for you. Consultations are free and without obligation. Speak to one of our technicians and see if we can help you capture the look you that you have always desired.