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Eyelash Extensions  in Calgary

Have you dreamed of not needing to apply mascara before leaving the house in the morning? Biotouch Alberta Ltd. can help you with it as it offers eyelash extensions in Calgary. Eyelash extensions enhance the length, fullness, and thickness of natural lashes. Several options are available among silk and mink or synthetic.

We also fill eyelashes by matching the lashes you currently have on to maximize your look. From classic lashes that are perfect for an everyday look to volume lashes that add drama to your look, our experts can help you with it all! So, get in touch with us now.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Your eyelash extensions are expected to last for 2-3 weeks, provided you take care of them and follow the directions given when you first come in. You are strongly advised not to wash the area around your eye for at least 24 hours after applying your extensions. You must also note that if you get regular overall fills, your lash extensions will last indefinitely.





What are the Key Benefits Of Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are not applied for mere cosmetic appeal. They have numerous benefits, such as:


  • They add volume to your natural lashes

  • They lift your lashes

  • They will add length and draw people's attention towards your eyes

  • With lash extensions, you can forego the use of mascara, adding convenience to your morning routine

  • Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes

  • They feel lightweight as they are natural and water-resistant

How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer?

Here are a few tips that can help you make your eyelash extensions stay put for longer.


  • Clean and brush them daily
    To make your lashes last long, you must care for them. Use scrubs and face washes and clean your face and lash extensions daily and carefully. Make sure, though, that your products are lash-safe. Also, ensure that you brush your lash extensions every day with a mascara wand. This will avoid damage caused by tangling and flipping.

  • Be gentle while cleaning and use the right products
    Use oil-free and alcohol-free foaming cleansers to cleanse your eyelashes. Also, make sure that you use only your fingertips or a lash-cleansing brush for the process and rise with fresh water afterwards.

  • Do not pluck or fiddle
    Remember that your lash extensions are delicate, and you must be gentle on them. Do not pluck or pull your lash extensions. In fact, as a general rule, do not fidget with your lash extensions. Avoid itching your lash line as much as possible, and do not rub your eyes.

  • Use eyelash extension sealants
    This product prolongs the adhesive life used to stick your lash extensions, and using this can make your lash extensions last longer.

  • Get regular refills
    Do not miss your appointments, and make sure you get your lash extensions refilled regularly.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are the best choice if you are seeking a more natural 'day' look. Classic lash extensions are of various lengths. One lash extension is applied to each lash, creating a more natural look.

Hybrid Lashes

They are perfect for anyone looking to get somewhere in the middle of the classic and the volume lash extensions look. These are fuller than classic lashes and add volume to obtain a semi-natural look.

Volume Lashes

Volume lash extensions are ideal for anyone wanting to add a little drama to their everyday look. Volume lash extensions consist of applying multiple eyelashes to each of your own natural lashes, creating a dramatic and fuller look.

Extensions Removal

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. provides removal services to any unwanted eyelash extensions. Painless, safe, and free with a new set of lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions In Calgary

Easily add or remove eyelash extensions with the help of our professionals.

Curious to Know More About Lash Extensions?

Get information about eyelash extensions, the process, the effects and more.

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