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Calgary's Best Skin Tag Removal and Other Skin Revision Services

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. provides the residents of Calgary with quality skin revision services. With skin revision, we can treat moles, skin tags, broken capillaries, warts, age spots, and many other skin issues. We also offer tattoo removal and dry needling. At Biotouch Alberta Ltd., we believe that you should not only look your best but feel your best.

Confidence lies where you are perfectly comfortable with yourself – we want to help you achieve it. Rely on our trained professionals to help you achieve perfect and flawless skin. With their years of experience, our team is fully capable of handling all skin types. We understand the needs of different skin types and customize our services accordingly. So, get in touch with us , and we'll provide skin revision solutions to you.

What is Skin Tag Removal?

The skin growth from any part of the body (usually the neck, upper chest, arms and eyelids) in the form of a short and narrow stalk that sticks out is a skin tag. While this piece of skin growth is usually painless, it may rub against clothing and irritate you. If you have a skin tag, it is best to get it removed. At Biotouch Alberta Ltd., skin tag removal for Calgary residents is safe, quick, and causes minimal pain as our team of experts has years of experience.


How Are Skin Tags Treated?

To remove skin tags, our team uses Electrocauterization. This is one of the recommended methods as it is minimally invasive with little recovery time. We heat the targeted area using a light and will cut the unwanted tissue off. This procedure is fast and gives permanent results.


Benefits of Skin Tag Removal

If you have unwanted skin growth in the form of a skin tag, it is best to get it removed because it leads to:


  •  Improvement in Appearance
    Simply put, skin tags are not visually appealing. When you have a procedure available to remove skin tags with close to no risk, why not opt for it and get rid of what is unwanted?


  • Reduced Risk of Irritation
    Skin tags do not cause pain but can often irritate, especially when they rub against pieces of cloth. The worst part is that skin tags rub against fabric more often than not because they come in the way almost every time you dress or undress. This irritation can be solved by using our skin tag removal services.

Ageing Spots Removal

Age spots can become more prominent as ageing occurs. We can help lighten and mask signs of skin spots caused by ageing and sun damage.

Scar Revision

Scars can be more or less prominent. At Biotouch Alberta Ltd., we can safely remove the signs of scarring in most places of the body.

Skin Revision Services In Calgary

Feel beautiful inside and out. Achieve flawless skin with the help of our skin revision services.

Want to Know More About Skin Revision?

Attend our skin revision workshops in Calgary.

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