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Permanent Makeup Services: Lip Liner, Lip Blushing, Eyeliner, and Microblading in Calgary

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. offers impeccable permanent makeup services in Calgary. Permanent makeup is a technique that employs cosmetic tattooing as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup. We help you update your look with aesthetic and cosmetic services. We understand that life gets busy, and people love to rely on permanent makeup to look their best throughout the day.

If you are ready to save time each day and enhance your daily look with permanent makeup on your lips, eyelids or eyebrows, we are here to help! Our skilled team is backed by years of experience. We strive to offer you the best permanent makeup services in Calgary.


One of our most sought after services is microblading, a cosmetic procedure performed by only a handful of makeup service providers in Calgary. Numerous people have gone for microblading in Calgary because of convenience, but it also exhibits a natural look.

Permanent Makeup For Brows

Avoid any hassle and get perfect brows each day without having to spend hours on them!

Microblading / Brow Blushing:

Best for anyone who is looking to obtain the appearance of hair strokes for a semi-natural look, microblading, brow blushing is the OG of permanent brow makeup.

Shading/ Powder Brows:

This technique is best for anyone who loves the look of wearing makeup on their brows, creating a semi-natural look.

Nano Brows:

Ideal for anyone who is looking to obtain a more subtle and natural look, the Nano technique comprises smaller hair strokes for a fuller look.

Ombre Brows:

The process of blending colour and hair strokes is recommended for anyone seeking the look of makeup and hair strokes for a semi-natural look.

How Does Microblading Work?

For those unfamiliar with the term, microblading is a process aimed to give sharp and stunning eyebrows. Also known as micro-stroking, this process involves the insertion of pigment under the skin with a needle or an electric machine with needles.


If you're someone with oily skin, then there is no need to worry because you can still go for microblading. Get in touch with our experts to discuss the effects of microblading in-depth and why you should go for it. Our certified practitioners at Biotouch Alberta Ltd. have years of experience in providing microblading for Calgary residents, so rest assured when you sign up with us, you and your brows are in safe hands.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Usually, the effects of microblading last somewhere between 18 to 30 months, but there is a need to see the practitioner for a touch-up session every six to eight months. Whenever the effects of microblading start fading, it is necessary to get the colour filled in. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting the whole procedure performed again, which will not only be much more time-consuming but all the more expensive as well.

Permanent Makeup For Lips

Get your picture-perfect pout at Biotouch Alberta Ltd. in Calgary. 

Lip Liner / Lip Blushing:

This is ideal for anyone looking to get a more even and prominent contour around their lips.

Full Lips:

Best for anyone who loves to wake up wearing lipstick. Natural to semi-natural depending on preference.

Permanent Eyeliner

Get a clean permanent eyeliner and avoid your makeup troubles.

Top Liner: 

Ideal for anyone who loves the idea of not needing to apply makeup in the morning, the top eyeliner will be shaped to best suit your eye shape, while thickness and darkness will be applied based on preference.

Bottom Liner:

Best for anyone who wants to have a little extra liner around their eyes, bottom liner is suited for anyone who likes the idea of waking up with makeup already applied.

Permanent Makeup Services In Calgary

Look your best each day without having to put in endless hours.

Feeling Skeptical About Permanent Makeup?

Know what customers have to say about our services.

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