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Permanent Makeup School in Calgary

Learn from the experts and get into the beauty business!


Biotouch Alberta is currently offering 10% off on all services including Training courses for the period of May. Contact us soon to book your course or a service!!

Beauty Courses and Permanent Makeup Services in Calgary

Biotouch Alberta Ltd . is one of Calgary's most famous permanent makeup schools and service providers. Our services include scalp micro-pigmentation, eyelash extensions, skin revision, advanced anti-ageing, hair removal, as well as relaxation and massage. We specialize in offering state-of-the-art permanent makeup training courses.


Biotouch Alberta Ltd. also provides the residents of Calgary with a skin revision workshop. We have several years of experience and offer classes that are result-oriented and outcome-driven. Whether you want to try our services or learn how to do them yourself, we can help you with it all.

Our Services

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. provides the residents of Calgary with a wide variety of services to its customers.

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. provides specialized permanent makeup classes in Calgary. Learn how to create stunning brows, eyeliners and eye liner blushing.

Want to regain the appearance of hair? Try our scalp micro-pigmentation services!

Have a perfect-lash-day every day with the help of our eyelash extensions.

Get perfect skin with minimal pain! Try Biotouch Alberta Ltd. 's skin revision services today.

Promote healthy skincare and fight signs of ageing like a pro.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our waxing and sugaring services.

Unwind in peace and enjoy the magic from our registered massage therapists.

Our Permanent Makeup School

Permanent makeup is also known as Permanent Cosmetics, Micropigmentation or Dermapigmentation. Biotouch Alberta Ltd. specializes in providing the residents of Calgary with state-of-the-art permanent makeup training courses. Our courses include training on creating stunning brows, luscious lips, eye-catching eyeliner and eyeliner blushing. By taking this course, you can start a new business and get high returns on investment.

Skin Revision Workshop

Are you looking forward to starting a career in the skincare field? Try the skin revision workshop at Biotouch Alberta Ltd. We offer diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees in the field of cosmetology and skincare.

Why Choose Us for Your Permanent Makeup?

We at Biotouch Alberta Ltd. are a team of professionals passionate about making you fall in love with the way you look. Everything that we do is with the utmost perfection and care. We make sure that you are on-board with everything we do, and you feel comfortable throughout the process. Our work is recognized in the industry, as we achieved many awards and accolades for our permanent makeup services in Calgary.


We are a salon that caters to all genders and is recommended by many Calgary residents, both men and women, to their friends and family members for our work quality and dedication. The entire team at Biotouch Alberta Ltd. is exceptionally dedicated and highly trained. Every team member has specialized skills that make them unique and indispensable in the industry. We provide services that are not only specialized but also superior in terms of quality. Read more on what our customers think. 


Book an Appointment

If you want to get permanent makeup in Calgary on any part of your face, you can reach out to us , book an appointment and avail of our state-of-the-art services. We will make sure that you enjoy every moment of the experience and leave feeling great and even more in love with yourself and your look.

Beauty School and Permanent Makeup Services In Calgary

Call to learn more or visit our expert team today!

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