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Our Team Of Beauty and Skincare Experts In Calgary

Biotouch Alberta Ltd. is proud to have an amazing team that is comprised of exceptional women who work hard each day. Our team understands your unique needs and seeks to fulfil them with the help of our state-of-the-art technology.

Having years of experience, our trainers help you fully grasp each and every aspect of permanent makeup and cosmetology. Each member of our team is highly driven and passionate about what they do. They are highly skilled and always focus on providing you with the best of services and training. Read on to learn more about our team!


Hanna comes to Biotouch Alberta as the office manager. Her banking background and love for numbers make her a great asset in assisting the owner Kim with all business needs. She's also the person who will greet and book clients in for services and training. She is an entrepreneur at heart and this makes her a great fit at Biotouch Alberta. Hanna truly loves to do good in the world. She believes that nothing is more important than to care for others and lift up those around her and this is truly a quality that makes her incredibly loved and adored by those around her. Hanna is also a selfless individual who always tried to put the needs of others before her own and in the beauty industry, this is a noted quality to have.

In her spare time, Hanna loves to travel with her husband and go hiking, weather permitting. She loves to experience different places around the world and be surrounded by nature. Tea is also a favourite for Hanna.


Talk To The Experts

Get in touch with our experts and learn how you can kickstart your own career as a cosmetologist or esthetician.

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