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Best Method to Remove Skin Tags

Everyone wants to have smooth, perfect skin. If you have soft, fleshy growths on your skin, you have a benign skin condition called skin tag. Skin tags extend out of the skin and tend to be annoying if they rub against clothing. 


Skin tags can grow almost anywhere on the body but usually grow on the neck, eyelids, armpits, and within folds of the skin. If you have skin tags, you may be looking to remove them. 


Getting rid of skin tags and enjoying smooth skin requires knowing which options fit your situation. Electrocauterization is one of the most effective methods to remove skin tags.


Using Electrocauterization to Remove Skin Tags

If you have skin tags, you might want to consider looking for skin tag removal methods in Calgary. There are different methods to consider. But, most importantly, you must have your skin tags professionally removed as home remedies are dangerous.


One of the methods used to remove skin tags is electrocauterization: a surgical procedure involving the use of electricity. 


Electricity is used to heat abnormal tissue growth on the skin so that the tags can be removed. It is a fast and simple procedure, which makes it one of the most effective removal methods.  


The Procedure 

If you are going to undergo electrocauterization, you don't need to worry about preparing for the procedure. When you go in for your appointment, the skin care professional will cleanse the area on your skin.


Once ready, a high-frequency electric current will be delivered to the area. This electric current is delivered through a needle-shaped electrode that resembles a pen. 


Once the procedure is completed, you can expect to have antibiotic ointment applied to the area. This will help to prevent infections and to promote healing. To allow time for the best recovery, you should not wash the area for at least one day. 


After a day or two, you can use soap and water to clean the area. If need be, you can apply antibiotic ointment to continue promoting the healing process. 


The Results 

One of the great things about undergoing electrocauterization is that there is virtually no need for downtime. You can have the procedure in the morning and resume normal activities the same day. 


You can rest assure that the skin tags will not return, and your skin looks and feels better. 


Consult a Skincare Expert

If you have skin tags and want to remove them, you might have the temptation to do it yourself, but refrain from doing so. Trying to do this yourself can be harmful as there is a risk you may experience irritation, bleeding, and even an infection, causing even more damage. 


You must have skin tag removal professionally done. If you live in the Calgary area, contact our experts to remove skin tags safely and quickly via electrocauterization.


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