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Five Common Questions About Permanent Makeup to Ask

Permanent makeup has changed the way we approach cosmetics in the 21st century. If you're searching for permanent makeup in Calgary, we've got you covered. Whether it's your first experience or you're due for a touch-up, our permanent makeup technicians are here to serve you. But first, here are five common questions that can help guide you before or after getting permanent makeup done.


1. How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Let's dial in permanent makeup's life cycle. If you're investing your time and money diving into permanent makeup, you're definitely wondering how long this treatment will last. Is it even worth your dollar?


The average person who has gotten permanent makeup states that the treatment can last somewhere between three and five years. An incredible investment of your dime and your time between the next touch-up process.


2. Who Can Benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Everyone can benefit from permanent makeup, whether you are male or female. From day to day looks to helping folks experiencing health-related adversity. Permanent makeup is genderless, ageless and available to all people. There's no one permanent makeup can't serve. 


If you or a loved one has experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment, or a diagnosis of alopecia, you know how difficult the transition is. Losing hair can be a difficult transition for anyone going through treatment. Even for people who naturally lose eyebrow hair due to ageing or genetics.


Individuals who may suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel or dexterity issues can also find relief in permanent makeup that suits their needs. 


3. What Is the Recovery Time?

The area you've had worked on may have slight redness and be swollen from four to six hours. This is normal. Different treated areas have varying results.


For example, treated eyebrows have little swelling. The eyelids, however, could remain puffy for 24 to 48 hours. Using ice or gel cooling packs can speed up recovery time and eliminate swelling.


4. How Much Money Will Permanent Makeup Save Me?

The average person spends $8 per day on makeup, or, nearly $3,000 per year. 


Imagine waking up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and rolling out the door in 15 minutes, compared to your average 25-30 or even longer!


Extra product requires extra time and if you're a worker bee, you know the value of 10 minutes. This can give you the chance to start work early, pick the kids up earlier, and skip 20 minutes of traffic. 


Buying less product will certainly give your pocket a break.


5. I Am Moving Away from Product Due to Allergies, Can Permanent Makeup Help?

Around 15% of people using cosmetics will experience side effects. There are many times where the side effects are worth it, especially if you have a chronic health condition that limits your ability to live a higher quality of life.


With permanent makeup, you can not only avoid allergy issues, but you can also decrease the risk of potentially jarring side effects from products you use.


Permanent makeup treatment can help you avoid toxic chemicals you could find in non-vegan, non-cruelty-free products.


It's About Balance

Taking your wants and needs into consideration is an actionable form of self-care. If it feels good to you and meets your expectations. The benefits of permanent makeup are boundless for a treatment that feels reachable for many.


Take the time to reflect on what questions may suit your lifestyle. The great thing about the permanent makeup industry is that you have options. It's not a one size fits all situation.


Advocate for yourself, make the phone call and connect with a provider who can best serve your needs. Connect with us to find out how we can support your permanent makeup journey.


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