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Get Glam With Eyelash Extensions at Biotouch Alberta

Eyelash extensions have become a popular way to get your va-va-voom on! How do eyelash extensions work?


Lash extensions are thin and long lashes that are applied to your own eyelashes to enhance the thickness and length of your regular lashes.


The best part, you can truly say: I woke up like this!

With lash extensions, you will wake up ready. You can say goodbye to clumpy, not lasting mascara and say hello to a new way to wake up and get ready. They say that the best way to be ready is to stay ready so now, your eyes can be ready – anytime.

As eye extensions experts, we provide various looks so you can feel comfortable in making a choice that’s right for you. Looking to stay a little more natural? Go with our classic look – no one will ever even be able to tell that you weren’t born with it. Seeking a little more attention? Our volume lashes are a perfect way to demand that extra little attention and make a much-wanted statement.

Pros of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension:

Eyelash extensions are painless. It will not cause any harm or pain

Eyelash extensions are safe. You don’t have to worry about causing harm to your eyes. Our last extensions are some of the highest quality on the market

Eyelash extensions don’t require makeup. You can wake up and go by looking ready.

Eyelash extensions have an average lifespan of 3 weeks. Can you imagine not having to do a thing for that entire time but being you?

Why Choose Eyelash Extensions at Biotouch Alberta?

Simple. We are experts in our field. We have applied lashes on thousands of satisfied clients and we look forward to helping you feel even more beautiful and feminine with our Calgary eyelash extensions.


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