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Join the Popular Skin Revision Courses in Calgary

Permanent makeup is an art that has become very popular in today’s world. Starting from teenagers to grownups and even celebrities – everyone is talking about it – and almost every person is a candidate to receive permanent makeup services from professionals like the ones at Biotouch Alberta. But the question that arises often is ‘what exactly is permanent makeup in more detail’?

Permanent makeup is the technique in which a semi-permanent makeup, also known as a semi-permanent tattoo is applied to certain parts of the face. Applying makeup daily can take hours and permanent makeup is a sure way to save time each and every morning.

What about Skin Revision?

Skin revision is a method in which certain scars and marks can be removed so you can gain confidence in your body all over again. Permanent makeup staying forever – This is NOT true. This treatment needs to be redone every year as it lasts up to a year.

At Biotouch Alberta, we provide both services to our clients as well as provide permanent makeup training and skin revision training to potential students looking to become certified experts. What sets Biotouch Alberta apart from other institutes providing permanent makeup and skin revision courses in Calgary is the fact that at Biotouch Alberta, skin revision is not a part of other courses, but it is a separate course which concentrates completely on skin revision, so that when a student is learning skin revision, they are only concentrating on it and no other service. Students can be sure that when training at Biotouch Alberta for a particular course, they will gain the knowledge and tools to become true professionals in their field of choice, such as skin revision.

Biotouch Alberta provides one of the most comprehensive and hands-on trainings for skin revision courses – our trained professionals will see you through the training and provide ongoing support thereafter.


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