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Wake Up Ready With Our Calgary Permanent Makeup Services

Women often don’t leave their house without wearing any makeup. Not only is applying makeup each morning time consuming, but it’s also troublesome that makeup needs to be reapplied throughout the day. Unlike regular makeup, permanent makeup stays on your face between 8 months and a year; after that time, you will require a touch up which generally occurs once per year.

Permanent makeup Calgary expert Biotouch Alberta can help you achieve the brows, eyes and lips that you’ve dreamed about by correcting and perfecting your natural ones and giving your face a much more symmetrical appearance.

Here are some important factors which should be kept in mind before choosing to get permanent makeup services:

Choose a qualified and experienced permanent makeup professional who has been certified by another professional institute.

Ensure that the premises of the permanent makeup professional are clean and appear to be safe.

Ask your permanent makeup professional if their equipment has been sanitized prior to having it applied.

Have a consultation in order to better qualify your permanent makeup expert and have any questions you may have answered.

If you do not feel comfortable, speak to your permanent makeup professional about your concerns.

Don’t panic: the process gets easier and less painful with time.

Check before and after pictures to ensure that the permanent makeup style is what you seem fitting for you.

Feel confident and even more beautiful with our permanent makeup services in Calgary. Always choose a certified permanent makeup artist who guarantees your safety and satisfaction so that you will not regret your decision later on.


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